The easiest answer: it varies. The cost of posting a job depends on how many jobs you choose to post and/or if you would like to amplify your job posting by adding product images or company photos.

We offer single job postings and packages to meet your hiring demand.

  • 1 credit = $250 per credit

  • 5 credits = $200 per credit

  • 10 credits = $185 per credit

Have a lot of hiring to do? We offer two Unlimited Plans for your ongoing hiring needs:

  • Unlimited Plan - Basic: Self-service unlimited job posting for $500 per month (min. three-month commitment)

  • Unlimited Plan - Pro: Our annual unlimited subscription plan with built-in employer brand amplification $8,400 per year.

Get started HERE or send us an email at We're happy to help you identify the best job posting plan for your business.

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