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Who are the 'select job seekers'?
Who are the 'select job seekers'?

Our database is full of active job seekers who might be interested in a job at your company.

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So you may have noticed in your employer dashboard that there is a tab called "select job seekers" populated with names, years of experience, and industry preference. This curated list is a new feature that matches your job posting to active job seekers already on our platform based on years of experience, industry preference, and skill-set. The select job seekers have not applied to your job, however, you can invite them to do so right from your dashboard.

How to invite a 'select job seeker'

Like what you see? Simply click on the "invite job seeker" button to get started. You will notice that we provided an automatic email template that includes the job seeker's name and your company name. You can use this template or feel free to adjust the copy to your liking.


"Hi, Julie,

We think you would be a great fit for the Marketing Manager job at our company based on your experience writing FAQs.

Click on the link below and apply if you are interested. "

Simple, right? Give it a go. The 'suggested job seekers' are our way of making sure you reach the best talent from our network.

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