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How do I get more applications for my job on the ForceBrands job board?
How do I get more applications for my job on the ForceBrands job board?

Let's explore a few things you can do to attract more talent to your job posting.

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Let's start off with how people find jobs online. Job seekers search for jobs by job title, location, industry, experience level, and skill-set. so the first step to attracting talent is making sure your job posting has all of this important information:

Here's a checklist:

Job posting title: Use a clear and universally understood job title (this is not the place for something quirky or unique to your company. We can add that in later)

Job location: Include a location for the job, your HQ or in unique circumstances like the COVID-19 pandemic, denote as remote (if applicable)

Industry: On the ForceBrands job board platform you are able to assign one or multiple industries to your job posting. Looking for someone with food industry knowledge but also OK with experience in the beverage industry? Make sure to cast your net wide. Some great talent is transferable across consumer product experience.

Experience level: Define what experience level really means. Does experience mean years in a specific position or proven project success? Clear definitions will help you sort through talent who might have the years but not the tools for the results you need.

Skill-set: Be very clear about the expectations of the role. Does your hire need to have managed teams? Completed specific programs or certifications? Your quality of talent will improve with detailed qualifications.

Other ways to attract talent to your job posting:

Create a robust company profile.

  • Show off your company culture! What's it like to work with your team? What are you doing to build culture & diversity in the remote workforce?

  • Add photos to your Company profile

  • Give your job posting a boost with an upgrade. This option allows you to stand out on the ForceBrands job board with a larger share-of-voice, photos, and premium placement.

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