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How to add a colleague(s) to receive applications
How to add a colleague(s) to receive applications

Adding team members so that they receive applicant resume's and cover letters for specific jobs

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If you would like an additional colleague to receive resume alerts for active job postings sent to their email, you can follow the steps below:

1 - After logging into your ForceBrands account, go to "Job Postings" on the left side of your dashboard.

2 - Once you've clicked into “Job Postings”, you'll see three (3) tabs in the upper left displaying the history of all roles posted: Active, Drafts, Expired.

3 - Click into the "Active" tab and select which role you would like to add your colleague to.

4 - Select “Edit” and scroll down until you see "Add Colleagues" in the bottom right corner.

5 - Add your colleague’s email address and click “Update Job”.

6 - Your colleague will now receive email notifications whenever someone applies to your open role.

NOTE: You can add as many colleagues as you'd like, as long as you input an active email address.

Colleagues that you add to roles will ONLY receive email applications and cover letters for that specific role. They do not have access to any other jobs unless or your ForceBrands account in general.

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